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We are the Future of Freelance

The way we work is changing and women are leading the way. Now more than ever women are harnessing their expertise and embracing self-employment. The Moderna was created to support this movement.

This is the future of freelance - no more loneliness, isolation and working in silos. The Moderna brings you the community, resources, tools and support to help you thrive in your freelance journey.


a holistic approach

freelancer wellbeing

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We help creative self-employed women shift from isolation and overwhelm to professional and personal joy by providing the framework, resources and support needed to build balance and structure in their lives - all  within a vibrant and diverse community of women.


our philosophy

get messy

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Colour outside the lines, be brave & work for your goals, your way.

Take care of yourself, inside & out so you can better serve others.

Take the time to enjoy the lifestyle that you've designed.




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We offer a suite of services tailored to your needs. If you are a freelancer or self-employed, learn more about our Virtual HR department, Welle HR created to provide you with the support, community, services, perks and benefits you would get in an employed role.

If you are a corporate organisation or business, we create and deliver tailored wellness programmes for your remote and contract workers - supporting your remote talent to help drive productivity and employee wellbeing.




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WElle hr Membership


It's time to upgrade your freelance life: accountability groups, mentorships, financial planning, wellness classes, mental health tips, career development, chic brand partners, lifestyle events & a buzzing community - working for yourself no longer means working alone.

the virtual hr department for self-employed Women

Welle HR


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Help us revolutionise freelance work. Become a Moderna Ambassador in your area and facilitate community, support women in self-employment, take on a leadership role and make your mark in the future of work.

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Pauline & Clara are seasoned freelancers and have spoken at various events on the future of work, female wellbeing in self-employment, entrepreneurship and the creative industries. If you would like to book Pauline & Clara as speakers for your next event or conference, please get in touch.

If you would like to talk partnerships for our Welle HR Membership, we would love to hear from you - follow the link below to discuss how we can feature your brand to our members.

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