The club every self-employed mother should be a part of

The club every self-employed mother should be a part of. 

Welle brings together mothers who are building businesses and raising families. It's a constant juggle, but we are here to help you put your wellbeing first so that you can go from survival mode to the thriving boss & mother you want to be.

welcome to your new (mother)hood

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You love being a mother, and you also enjoy running your business. All too often you are left feeling isolated, burned out, guilty & without a real sense of direction - just trying to make it through the day. 

It's lonely enough being self-employed - but when you add little ones to the mix, it can get so daunting to try and figure out how to juggle it all and manage your time so that you have some kind of harmony.

It's time to create a different narrative around motherhood & business

You don't have to do it alone.

“Honestly, this platform is a game changer - it feels great to really get to know other mothers on a similar path to me .”


The ultimate community & wellbeing platform
for mothers who are growing businesses and families




Private Community

Message and collaborate with other members, find a new client, post something funny your baby did, join a co-working session, get involved in Book Club, celebrate wins, ask questions and get the support you need. You've found your squad.

what's inside:

Yes Please!

Accountability Groups

You'll be matched into a small Accountability Group with other women in similar circumstances to you where you will mastermind, go through trainings together and get accountable in achieving your goals. Complete game-changer!

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Perks & Benefits

Virtual fitness class membership? Self-employed pension? Wellness treatments? Parenting coach? Yes, yes and yes. Our membership is full of perks & benefits from brand partners all tailored to enhance your wellbeing as a woman, mother and business owner.

let's go!

Events Calendar

Get ready to network, learn & have fun! Take advantage of our buzzing events calendar from cocktail tastings, brunches & bellydance classes, to baby yoga sessions & seminars on growing your business.






once you become a member you'll get:

How does this sound?

a small accountability mastermind group for support, problem solving & friendship

monthly masterclasses & coaching on modern parenting, holistic wellbeing & business growth

perks & benefits like a digital woman's health clinic virtual fitness membership, pension programme for the self-employed & much more

A fun events calendar (virtual & irl) with wine tastings, brunches, book club, styling events & co-working dates (to name a few!) 

Instant community of women who are mothers & running businesses just like you

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Once you join, you'll take our Welle Assessment so we can get to know you, your lifestyle, your work and what makes you tick. This allows us to place you in an Accountability Group with like-minded women.

1.  Assessment

We support you through our unique Welle Framework to help you thrive in your professional and personal life, complete with vision boarding, business coaching, goal setting and accountability reviews.

2. connection & Accountability

Take advantage of our buzzing events calendar (Brunch anyone?!), fitness workshops & cool perks. From talks with sleep coaches, weaning workshops & seminars on juggling business & motherhood, our goal is to inspire, fuel discovery and help you get balanced.

3. get involved

How it works

It's time to invest in yourself mama....

so let's get started!

Virtual Fitness Class Membership & 1 free in person class / month

You'll have an all-access pass to Classpass's library of fitness & wellbeing classes. Plus you'll get credit for 1 in-studio class per month of your choosing - from hair treatments & massages to barre & yoga, treat yourself every month. Plus we'll be organising monthly fitness challenges with prizes so everyone gets involved together to hit their goals.


Health & fitness

Pension for the self-employed 

It's time to talk about money. Financial wellbeing is a core topic in our club and we have partnered with Raindrop to ensure you are saving and investing in your financial future. Plus, you'll get exclusive talks, resources and workshops on investing for your future.

financial wellbeing

Grow With Ms Grace
Coaching & Support for Modern Mothers

Monthly coaching calls with parenting and nursery experts, Grow With Ms Grace, who will be on hand to coach you through your motherhood journey.

modern motherhood

our partners

Financial Wellbeing
Feeling confident and optimistic about your finances. Preparing, saving and investing for the future.

Professional Wellbeing

Feeling fulfilled in your work. Seeing professional progression and business growth.

Mental Wellbeing

 Prioritising self-care, taking time out for clarity and mental health. Spiritual balance and wellbeing.

Personal Wellbeing

 Maintaining positive relationships with your family and with yourself.

Physical Wellbeing

Taking care of your physical health and fitness. Eating healthy and forming positive habits.

Our platform centres around 5 Pillars of Wellbeing for Modern Mothers

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We get you because we ARE you - we are women who want to be present mothers AND successful business women - all while living our best lives. We started our business so that we could design how we work in order to be there for our families. It's been such a roller-coaster & we found there was a lack of a space for mothers who were working in a different way - freelancing, consulting, side hustling, digital nomading, business building. So we decided to create our own space and grow this collective of amazing women!

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This is more than just another business community or networking club

You will focus on your wellbeing & get real accountability

When you work for yourself, you don't have a built in set of colleagues to socialise with and bounce ideas off of. We believe that as mothers, we face specific challenges when running a business, and it helps to have a support group that understands exactly what you are going through. These relationships are important, so when you join, you will take an assessment and be put into an Accountability Group that's right for you.

This is a high-involvement membership. You are going to get to know the women in your cohort really well. You are going to mastermind with them, have accountability sessions with them and be a cheerleader for their wins in their business & family lives - and you'll get this too!

trainings at your own pace

services tailored to your lifestyle


Follow a proven roadmap

If your well is depleted how will you be able to pour into others? 

If you want to thrive in business and raise happy kids, you need to focus on your own self-care first. Welle is here to give you the resources, community and support to do just that. 

Join as a founding member and lock in founding member pricing forever!

As we add more benefits, services and perks from amazing brand partners, you will always pay the founding member price, so register your interest and get on the waitlist now to secure your place in our April Launch!



I don't live in the UK - can I still join?

Of course you can! Our platform is digital, and the services we offer are digital services that transcend boundaries. Most of our events will be online and livestreamed, but we will also hold in person events. For now, these will mostly be London based, but we will be opening up in person events internationally too - if you are a member interested in hosting a meetup in your area, then you can sign up to be a Welle Host, with guidance from our expert events team. More information will be provided when you onboard!

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I locked into membership when I join?

Our membership is flexible as we understand circumstances change. However we do ask that you commit to at least 3 months so that you can get the most out of your Accountability Mastermind Group.  After 3 months if you feel Welle is not right for you, you can cancel at any time by emailing our Support team.

Is this just another online course?

When does Welle officially launch?

NO! Welle is a digital club and community for self-employed mothers (and mothers to be, and mothers who are thinking about working for themselves!). Within the club there will be trainings and workshops where you can learn about different topics pertaining to motherhood and business. You will also get access to lots of amazing perks and benefits centred around our 5 pillars of wellbeing. Add to that our buzzing events calendar and resources tailored to your life as a mother and a self-employed individual and you've got a pretty fantastic platform!  Join now to become a part of it!

Welle will be open for enrolment in April 2024 for a very limited time. Due to the high involvement of our membership and accountability mastermind, we are unable to take members on a rolling basis. Make sure to register on the waitlist to secure your place. When doors close, we won't be taking new members until much later in the year, so it's vital to secure your place in our April launch if you want in at the Founding Member price (for life!). Be sure to register so you don't miss out! 


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