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Our mission is to lead programmes and services to build a more connected, active and meaningful freelance experience through wellness practices that centre around mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. We hope to create a highly productive, functional and positive environment for freelancers, their families and their clients.

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Sisters. Mothers. American expats living in London. Digital nomads. Wanderlusters. Batman aficionados. Lord of The Rings obsessed. Interior design fanatics.  

"Pauline & Clara have been pivotal to my success as a creative freelancer. It's been so great working with them because they understand everything that I am going trough. They don't only empathise, but they have walked through the struggles, challenges and rewards of self-employment. They are fantastic mentors and friends ."

Yvonne Cox - Freelance Actor and Administrative Professional

"I just wanted to thank Pauline & Clara for taking the time to analyse and coach me through taking my freelance career to self-sustaining business. I was able to take my photography practice from something that was running my life to something that I now feel control over. It's an amazing feeling to not worry about where I'm getting clients, or where my money is coming from each month!"

Saira Macleod - Freelance Photographer & Creative Producer

pauline brookes


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Pauline Brookes

With over 13 years’ experience in the luxury events and marketing industry, Pauline has a deep understanding of what it takes to create premium events experiences. An experienced project manager & digital producer, her work includes supporting companies, entrepreneurs and start-ups in crafting influential events and digital experiences to grow their brands. 

Having worked as a freelancer for over 10 years, I am a long-standing advocate for women in business, with a mission to bring opportunity to multicultural women through self-employment. In supporting this mission, I co-founded Moderna Media, to support, nurture and build community for creative female freelancers.

An expert in wellbeing initiatives for the self-employed and remote work community, My work focuses on creating wellness and mental health strategies for companies and individuals to help drive productivity and employee engagement in the future of work.

A mother of a gorgeous 3 year old girl, when not working or chasing after my daughter, you can find me planning my next family getaway or belly dancing to anything by Shakira.


Clara Emanuel

Clara’s background is in content writing and digital marketing. Her experience includes project and events management, and building corporate communications that transcend the digital space. Her work includes project management and consulting within a wide array of industries, from large global entertainment companies, national charities, consulting firms and design agencies, to providing more personal support to entrepreneurs and creative founders.

Alongside my consulting work, I have a fierce creative drive with an aim to think in innovative ways and to execute sharp, visceral stories that are both simple and memorable. I founded this company with my sister to support and enhance the well-being of female freelancers and am a huge advocate for self-employed, multi-passionate professionals. In addition to my work online, I am an actor and a voice over artist, and enjoy film production and development in my 'spare' time.