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Working for yourself no longer means working alone. Welle HR is a membership that gives you access to a holistic platform tailored to support you. Our platform centres around 5 core Pillars of Welle-being. These pillars are all inter-connected. First we assess where you are on these pillars based on the vision for your life and your goals. Then we get to work putting a plan together to help you achieve that vision.

Welcome to the Future of Self-Employment

the comprehensive wellness platform for freelancers, Contractors, remote workers & the self-employed



"you must fill your well before you can pour into others"

'Self-care' is more than just a buzz word. It's essential to success in business and in life. As freelancers we tend to over-deliver for our clients and customers. It's impossible to pour into them and do our best work if our tank is empty.

Let's reframe the conversation about self-employment and remote work. It should be about delivering excellence and seeking fulfilment in what you do to serve others and make the world a little bit better. It's time to put you first - your goals, your money, your family, your relationships, your dreams. We are here to support you in achieving that. It's time to Get Welle.

Hands up if you've experienced any of this :

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Isolated & lonely with difficulty cultivating real friendships 

Rudderless & constantly putting out fires rather than being strategic about your professional goals

Financially anxious with no real plan for the future

Inconsistent with adopting & maintaining healthy habits, & falling short of your lifestyle goals

Feeling stuck, unfocused, blocked & in a creative & emotional drought

Our membership is holistic and centres around our 5 welle-being pillars to ensure you're personal, professional & financial life are supported and thriving.

fitness & Wellness CLASS platform with classpass

finance & money workshops

accountability groups & mentorships

It's time to Get Welle

virtual & in Person co-working 

perks & benefits from Brand partners

events & retreats

professional development clinics

remote job board & skills share

This is more than just another freelancer community or networking group. You are going to get to know each other, make real friendships, become accountable in your goals and have the support, resources and guidance to help you progress professionally and personally in your self-employed journey.

A Holistic

Our process is based around three elements core to you getting the most out of our platform:




Once you join, you'll take our Welle Assessment so we can get to know you, your lifestyle, your work and what makes you tick. This allows us to place you in an Accountability Group with like-minded women.

Once your Accountability Group is set, we support you through our unique Welle Framework to help you thrive in your professional and personal life, complete with vision boarding, career coaching, goal setting and accountability reviews.

It's not all work and no play. Take advantage of our buzzing events calendar, masterclasses, fitness workshops and perks from our brand partners - all tailored for you to live your best WFH life. From cooking classes to workshops on juggling business & motherhood, our goal is to inspire, fuel discovery and help you get balanced.

The way we work is changing - recent events have demonstrated that wellbeing, support, guidance and community are critical for workers who now find themselves working on their own. As freelancers and self-employed professionals, this is only magnified as we navigate the constant struggles of isolation, loneliness and insecurity that so often form a part of what it means to be self-employed. 

Welle was created for you - you'll get the freedom of being able to work for yourself, all under the umbrella of a suite of services, personalised community, benefits and perks tailored to your freelance lifestyle. It's the best of all worlds. It's time to transform the way self-employment works.

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In Collaboration with classpass

We are excited to be working with leading fitness and wellness class provider, Classpass to provide you state of the art fitness and wellbeing classes that you can livestream anywhere and anytime that's convenient for you - all part of the price of your Welle membership.

We'll also be putting together private livestreamed classes just for our members to facilitate community and help you get to know one another. 

Get ready to go beyond just fitness - classpass will be introducing a suite of wellness classes from healthy cooking to meditation. You'll have access to it all and more with your Welle membership.

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