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Holiday Essentials

holiday essentials

The holiday season is here and in full swing! With everything else you have going on as you run your business and build your empire, it’s easy for your days to get hectic and for you to lose sight of the joy in the holidays. 

To help make your holiday festive, fun and relaxed during this busy season, here are some tips and tricks to help you to stay organised, graceful and enjoy the spirit of the season. It’s time for family, parties, giving thanks and celebrating life to the fullest. 


As always, the most important step in surviving the holidays is to make a plan so you know what you are doing. When entertaining, the most important job for a hostess is to make her guests feel at ease and comfortable. The last thing you want is to be stressed out during this time when the season so easily lends itself to moments of joy, love, and togetherness. 

HOME: If you are planning on having people over for an afternoon, a dinner or a party, think about the best way to accommodate your guests. It’s one thing to invite people over to your home, but it’s another thing entirely to accommodate people and make sure they have enough elbow room to move freely. What’s the best option for you? A seated dinner or a standing room only party? Or maybe you should head to a local restaurant and share tea, coffee and dessert at yours after?

BUSINESS: With everything going on while preparing for the holidays with travel plans, gifts and dinners, and can be easy to neglect our businesses at this time of year. However the holidays can be a great time to launch a product or new service as consumers are willing to find new things to share with others as gifts or as the new year approaches. In addition, as it’s that time of year, make sure you add your suppliers, mentors and best clients to your thank you card list. It’s a great time to let someone know they are appreciated and running a giveaway or a sending a thoughtful note can be that extra special something that keeps them remembering you throughout the new year.


Set your menu and stock your cupboards! It’s time to raise a glass and toast with family and friends as sometimes the best thing about gathering together is sharing stories and laughs over soul-warming food. If you are hosting a get-together or party at your home, these easy menus can help steer you in the right direction when planning out a festive feast.

traditional turkey dinner


This Traditional Menu covers all the classics and acts as the perfect springboard to add your own twist. Feel free to add a crisp salad, some buttered rolls, gravy and roasted veggies to round out the table.


festive cocktail party


The Festive Cocktail Party is perfect when you have a small space and can’t do a sit down dinner, or if you want to accommodate more people for a fun and elegant New Year’s fete. You can always add a salmon blinis, macarons and champagne cocktails to add some pop to the evening.


boxing day brunch


Oftentimes we worry so much about Christmas dinner that we forget what happens the morning after. If you are hosting your in laws or cousins overnight, you’re sure to impress with a lovely spread for Boxing Day Brunch. It doesn’t need to take much work, but it’s definitely worth it to whip up a meal that doesn’t necessarily look like leftovers.



It’s time to deck the halls, set the mood and light it up! Half the fun of hosting a holiday dinner or throwing a seasonal party is coming up with fun and unique ideas to make the evening memorable and to make your guest feel welcomed. It’s all part of the joy – friends and families together sharing time-weathered traditions and creating new memories side by side.

Here are some of the best tips we have to make your holiday party festive, fun and stress-free.

1. Make Easy Food

The easiest thing you can do for yourself and your guests is to get prepared and actually enjoy whatever party you are throwing. Having ready to eat items is one way to stay on top of the game in the kitchen. As gorgeous as some of these recipes looks, perhaps now isn’t the best time to try that 20 step souffle for the first time. Have your wine rack stocked and some fancy cheese and bread on hand.

2. Perfect Lighting

Everyone always looks better in candlelight. Dim the lights and pull the shades and bring out the votives and pillar candles to warm up the space and add a lovely dimension to your room.

3. Set the Mood Music

A lot of people can’t stand having All I Want For Christmas on repeat for weeks so mix up some holiday favourites with old standards and the latest top 40.

4. Divine Decor & Tablescapes

Let your personality shine through in your home and put your unique spin on display. Your home is a reflection of who you are and the holidays become that much more intimate when you can stamped with your own personal touch.

5. Dress the Part

Whether you are chilling at home, it’s the office party or a meal with the in-laws, the winter season can be a difficult one to dress for. Stay warm in a silly, fluffy sweater or show off some subtle sparkle in a great holiday dress. It’s the holidays – own it with your style.

6. The Morning After

Don’t forget that people may be staying over so have an airbed, fresh linens and warm blankets handy. Make sure you also have extra towels and toiletries on hand as well so there’s no panic if anyone forgets something. Some fancy tea and coffee can also go a long way in helping people feel like normal in the morning.


We believe the best present you can give during the holidays is being present with your friends, family and those in need, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared with some gifts that your friends and family are sure to love.


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Bleu de Chanel, £60 | The London Sock Co. The Shaken & Stirred Collection, £40 | TOMS Charcoal Canvas Backpack £72


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Diptyque 3 Candle Set, £60 | Kate Spade Travel Wallet, £205 | Aromatherapy Associates Perfect Partners, £19


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Cards Against Humanity, £20 | Star Wars The Force Awakens Lightsaber, £25 | Jacqueline Wilson Book Set, £15


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Selfridges Classic Christmas Hamper, £100 | Laithwaites Fine Dining Mixed Duo Gift, £33 | Adele 25 CD, £10


For more tips and advice on creating your own flawless events, make sure to check out The Moderna Event Essentials Toolkit.

December 15, 2015

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