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7 Steps to Setting Your Intentions for 2016

this will be the best year yet


2016 is here! To create a life that we love, we have to do more than hope, wish, and like pictures on Instagram. We have to get clarity on what we really want in our lives and subsequently work through the fear and the challenges to make it happen.

2016 is the year of YES. Yes to focusing on building dreams. Yes to conquering fears. Yes to manifesting magic. It’s time to make massive breakthroughs in business and in life and here are the steps to help you through it.

setting your intentions for 2016


Take some time to acknowledge where you’ve been and how far you’ve come. The good, the bad, the ugly – all of it  has brought you to this place. Whether they are great achievements or lessons learned, it’s so important to be aware of the choices that we make and the circumstances we find ourselves in if we want to make a change for the better.


Allow yourself to dream and dream big! What do you want for yourself? Don’t hold back, just see yourself living your dream life. Envision your ideal day and get really clear. What time do you get up? Who are you with? Where are you working? Who are your clients? How do you feel? Define what success, love, health, wealth and happiness mean to you. All of these specific details are key in developing the framework for your year.


It’s time to turn your wildest dreams into your reality. Think about what it would actually feel like to have the life you envisioned – what would need to change? What would you have to let go of? What would you have to work at and maintain? Constantly ask the question – what would I have to do if my dreams actually came true? Start working from that place. For instance, if you envision a 6-figure year for your business, would you need to take some online courses, get a mentor, or upgrade your marketing and promotion?


Whether it’s on a spare piece of paper, in a journal, or on a vision board, get into the habit of writing your intentions, seeing them in front of you and speaking them out loud. ‘I AM’ statements are the perfect way to start manifesting your desires NOW. ‘I am a successful business owner.’ ‘I am open to receiving financial blessings.’


Now’s the time to get specific. Make a plan by starting with small steps for the week, then the month, then 3 months, 6 months and the year. What class do you need to take? What networking event can you go to? How much money are you going to save each month?


The saying is, ‘this or something better.’ We never know what life is going to throw at us. Stay open to what comes your way as something that may seem to be a huge disappointment in the first instance could be your biggest blessing in the long run.


Everything comes full circle here. When your dreams become intentions, your intentions then become a part of your reality, a part of your daily life, rather than a ‘goal’ outside of yourself that you have to strive for. Everything that we could possibly want in this world is already within our reach, it’s within us. We just have to let go of the doubt, the fear and blockages that stop us from moving forward, have gratitude for what we already have and who we already are, and grab hold of the opportunities that come our way.


Now it’s your turn. Take action and don’t wait to make 2016 your best year ever! Download the FREE worksheet below to take some time NOW to visualise and write out your intentions for the new year. Take the extra step to make yourself accountable and share it here with our community in the comments below. We’re looking forward to seeing the amazing things you’ll do this year.



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December 31, 2015

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