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9 Steps to Clear, Glowing Skin

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If you’re anything like us, you’ve tried all different types of remedies and potions to get clear, glowing skin. We’ve dealt with acne off and on for most of our teenage and adult lives and finally over the past year or two, we’ve both been able to get a handle on our skin and understand what it needs. We all know that the basis for killer makeup and style is a clean canvas, and that canvas is the skin on which we paint our style – from effortless, everyday beauty to bombshell siren. Not to mention having clear skin is a huge confidence boost!

So how do I get there?? Well it’s been a lot of trial and error for us, and what works for Pauline doesn’t necessarily work for Clara, but our main tips for clear and glowing skin are below. Everyone’s body is different and everyone will react to different products in her own way. The tips below however are pretty universal elements when it comes to developing a regimen that will eventually have you glowing everyday. And while everything may not work for everyone, try incorporating a few of these tips into your lifestyle and see if they make a difference

1. Hydration

Water is the source of life. Not really a secret, but there’s no other way around it, if you want healthy skin, it’s gotta be from the inside out. I find in the winter I need a heavier moisturiser to combat dryness and the harsh elements, even though my skin is quite oily already.

2. Diet

I found that cutting down on a lot of dairy, sugar, and greasy foods has made a world of difference in my skin. Of course it’s also important to eat tons of veggies and drink water as mentioned above. Whenever I’m juicing or drinking green smoothies, my skin loves me for it.

3. Consistency

This is probably the most important tip on this list for me. I may know all the keys to having beautiful clear skin, but if I’m only washing my face at night 3 times a week (yes, I’ve been guilty of that on more than one occasion) it’s not going to do me much good. I have to make maintaining my skin and sticking to my cleansing regimen a priority and I have to stick with it everyday to see real, lasting results. Yes, it’s hard, but whenever I am on top of my game my face looks and feels beautiful.

4. Keep it Simple

This one took a while for me to learn. I’ve gone through so many chemicals and and 8 step systems to diy and home ‘remedies’ that felt more like I was crafting some kind of witch brew. The truth is, once you start listening to your skin, it will tell you exactly what it needs. I know my skin doesn’t like 1000 ingredients at a time and these days I’m just too lazy to spend an hour over the sink every night as part of my ‘regimen’. Stick with what works for your skin! You don’t need every miracle cream that was ever invented. Sometimes detoxing and going back to the basics will reveal exactly what you need.

5. Exfoliate

I feel like when I exfoliate, my skin always looks and feels better. I tend to scar easily and my dark spots can sometimes take forever to fade away so exfoliating is one of the keys to revealing the brighter, new skin underneath. I use the clarisonic which has been a lifesaver. It’s definitely a tool that works and I love it, but I think any clean brush or even gloves can help when cleansing your skin. Just remember to be gentle!

6. Indulge

It’s so easy to get stressed out about our skin and whether or not anyone is going to mention the huge spot we swear everyone can see. That why it’s great to have those pampering moments to just relax and take care of you! I like to do clay masks every month or so. And when I need a real treat, I’ll go and get a facial or other lovely treatment done. I’ve often gone to Destination Skin here in London – they often offer great deals, so it’s a catch.

7. Go Professional

I know i just said to keep things simple, but sometimes you need an expert opinion on your skin. Getting a second opinion from a dermatologist or esthetician can be so helpful when you’re at your wits end. Having someone analyse your face under the microscope and give you expert advice may be a sure way to building a regimen that uniquely works for you. Moreover, adding one or two professional or medical grade products (or even a whole line) can sometimes make the difference in clearing your skin.

8. Vitamin C

One of the major keys in helping to reveal brighter, glowing skin and in fading those unsightly dark marks is Vitamin C. Depending on your skin type, there are several gels, serums, and natural fixes that you can try, but I love the Agera RX MagC Peptide Serum. I freakin’ love this stuff and it has done wonders for my skin. Adding this simple extra step both morning and night has helped even out my complexion.

9. Sleep

Rest rest rest. They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing! Make sure you are catching those zzzs at night as this is when your body can spend the energy healing itself and renewing your beautiful skin. Also, make sure you change your pillowcases and sheets regularly – dirty pillow = dirty face.

So that’s it. Let us know what your (not so secret) tips are to get clear, glowing skin and share in the comments below.

February 5, 2016

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