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4 Ways to Attract Abundance into Your Life

4 ways to attract abundance into your life the moderna

Are you tired of living in the struggle, the rat race, and the hum-drum of life? Are you ready to experience something MORE for yourself? More money, more love, more happiness, more peace? Are you ready to live your fullest life as you’ve always wanted?

If you aren’t on that law of attraction train, you need to get on it. Mindfulness and positive thinking aren’t just for spiritualists, monks, and hippies. Some of the most successful business entrepreneurs, artists, celebrities, and influencers are using these simple metaphysical tools to live their best lives and attract unlimited abundance.

So here are four ways you can tap into that power and attract abundance and positivity into your life!


Start acknowledging all the amazing things that you have in your life right now. Everything, and I mean everything, starts with gratitude. It helps you to be a good steward of what you have now, so that you can learn to take care of your empire later. Here at The Moderna, we never set an intention or start a ritual without gratitude. That perspective is so important in receiving more into your life.


I AM. These are probably the two most powerful words that you can speak about yourself. Whether it’s good or bad, fearful or courageous, what you think and feel about yourself in our mind and words is a reflection of our outer life. The amazing author, metaphysician, and entrepreneur Sarah Prout mentions that “the key thing to remember is that the Universe responds to how you think and feel.”

So stop saying “I’m so broke” every time you open your wallet! Think about how the Universe responds to that type of rhetoric about yourself. In order to attract beautiful abundance, you must start thinking and feeling abundance and positivity over yourself, and even better, saying it aloud. I often say my affirmations with a corresponding crystal for an extra positive and magical boost


Make a bold break with anything that impedes your creativity, your growth, your vision. If you are in a place where you want ‘more’ of something in your life, then maybe it’s time to try doing something different than your regular routine. It can be as simple as finding a new route home or trying a new restaurant for dinner, to something a little more drastic like getting an amazing new haircut or transitioning from your 9 to 5 to a new career. The truth is YOU have the power to make things happen in your life. All you have to do is take the first small step – and continue making steps as you grow.


Like the tip above, it’s so important to get rid of old, stale energy and habits that don’t serve you anymore. Quite often I find myself holding onto objects, ideas, and people that maybe I needed at one time in my life or worked well for me in the past, but that I don’t need anymore. It’s all about letting go to make room for new energy to enter your life. A great place to start with some brilliant insights on physically clearing out your space is Marie Kondo’s praised best-seller The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Were any of these tips helpful? In what ways do you attract abundance and positive energy into your life? Tell us in the comments below!

April 7, 2016

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