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Work Hard, Play Hard – How To Stay Balanced

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The pressure of work and maintaining healthy relationships is a struggle that lots of driven young women face. As a self-confessed workaholic I’ve definitely experienced the challenges of juggling that delicate balance between my work life, social life and happiness. If i’m not careful I’ll end up working for weeks on end without taking a proper break or socialising beyond the occasional text message.

Being able to maintain a vibrant social life whilst pursuing your dreams is difficult, but not impossible so i’m here to share my top tips for what helps me stay as balanced as I possibly can during busy times.

Don’t Take On More Than You Can Handle

When you’re chasing a goal or progressing towards something exciting the temptation is to take on every new project or opportunity that comes your way. I’ve definitely been guilty of this, and have chased after too many things at once for fear of missing out on something big.

Several times I’ve ended up having to work throughout the night which has left me feeling and looking like a zombie. Over time I’ve had to learn to be more realistic about how many things I’m able to take on at once. Remember that you can say no, because ultimately over-stretching yourself will only lead to more stress.



Make Time For Yourself

Even if you have commitments and responsibilities flying in from every direction, your health and well-being should always come first, so make sure you take time out to treat yourself and fulfil your own needs. Whether it’s having your own little pamper session, reading a book or working out – if it helps you relax, do it! For me the best therapy is to have a no-technology hour where I switch off my phone and laptop and indulge in a long hot bath.

Stay Organised

Keeping things in order will help you feel like you have things under control even in the busiest times. I’m often guilty of making endless to do lists; for every item ticked off, I’ll add four more. This usually ends up making me feel even more stressed and overwhelmed. It’s at times like these that the best solution is to create your own schedule to plan out when you’ll work on certain things and how you’ll split your time between work and socialising.

Make Time To Socialise

This is all about balance, so of course you should make sure you have fun and enjoy your social life, too! If you’re anything like me you’ll find it difficult to switch off even when you’ve taken some time out to relax, your brain constantly ticking away, planning and coming up with new ideas.

Sometimes the only solution is to let loose once in a while and do something carefree with great company. I often find that being around other people is the best way to take my mind off work, so it’s important to socialise and do things that connect you to the important people in your life.

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Thea Cheang is a style obsessed web designer and co-founder of Share Style.


April 14, 2016

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