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The Best Online Fitness Programs

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We’ve all been told that exercise is a great stress-reliever and is vital to living a well balanced life – especially as a female entrepreneur. But with all the running around, long nights and unexpected schedules, it gets hard to consistently get to the gym, or your workout class.

That is why we love doing online workouts. It’s like having a personal trainer in the convenience of your own home, and you can fit in a quick workout early in the morning, or in between meetings without having to lug around your gym bag and extra pair of clothes around. Here are our favourites:


Victoria’s Secret Angels swear by it, and it really works. It’s an intense core workout and you feel wrecked afterwards, but you will look and feel great after consistently attending for a few weeks. Longer, leaner limbs, stronger core muscles and better posture and alignment are all the benefits. But I love how much it makes you really sweat and feel the burn. You know it’s working!

In London there are several locations of Barrecorre, but if like us, you are a female boss running around with a constantly changing diary, then they have great online courses that start from £20 / month for unlimited lessons. Barrecore also do great monthly challenges where you can track your results and get involved with other members in the community. 


Branded as ‘Yoga that fits around your life’, Yoogaia is an interactive online fitness portal with a mission to bring easy wellbeing for all using the latest technology. They currently offer yoga, pilates, barre, core kettle bell, and relaxing stretch classes, and will be expanding to other forms of exercise soon.

You can choose from a range of various different live classes where you can choose to be seen by the instructor as you are taking part for personal guidance. It’s the best of both worlds – a live class with real time feedback and guidance from the instructor, all while in your home. Perfect! Their packages start from £14.99 / month.

Have you tried online fitness classes? Let us know some of your favourites!


December 8, 2015

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