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How was 2020 for you? If you are like most women who work for themselves, 2020 has been taxing on your personal life, your career, your finances and your mental health. To say it’s been a tough year is an understatement – but there is a glimmer of hope – things can and will get […]

Reset and get ready for 2021


Vestiaire Collective, Europe’s leading trusted social site for the resale of designer and premium fashion, is excited to announce the launch of its Ultimate Wardrobe Detox Guide. Developed in partnership with Anuschka Rees of into-mind.com, the style guru who knows how to create the ultimate wardrobe, this 8-page guide gives you an easy step-by-step guide to applying the rules of minimalism to your wardrobe.

April 12, 2016

The Essential Spring Fashion Detox with Vestiaire Collective


Are you tired of living in the struggle, the rat race, and the hum-drum of life? Are you ready to experience something MORE for yourself? More money, more love, more happiness, more peace? Are you ready to live your fullest life as you’ve always wanted? If you aren’t on that law of attraction train, you need to get on it. Mindfulness and positive thinking aren’t just for spiritualists, monks, and hippies.

April 7, 2016

4 Ways to Attract Abundance into Your Life


It can be difficult to detox during this time of the year – with the London cold driving me to cuddle up with my favourite comfort foods, and New Year’s resolutions all but forgotten, I have to admit it’s hard to stay away from my beloved vices – starches, sugar and red meat. It’s one of my personal goals to shape up and get healthy for 2016.

March 11, 2016

5 Comfort Food Substitutes to Try Now


Crystals and gems and stones, oh my! From amethyst to quartz and everything in between, crystals are a great addition to have in any home. Not only do they do wonders for the feng shui in your space, they are beautiful, unique and attract a ‘magical’ energy into your world. 

March 9, 2016

5 Magical Crystals Every #Girlboss Needs in Her Home & Office


If you’re anything like us, you’ve tried all different types of remedies and potions to get clear, glowing skin. We’ve dealt with acne off and on for most of our teenage and adult lives and finally over the past year or two, we’ve both been able to get a handle on our skin and understand what it needs. 

February 5, 2016

9 Steps to Clear, Glowing Skin


Listen, it happens – you set goals for yourself, you have the best intentions, you know what you need to do, but you would rather pull the covers over your head, sleep a bit more and watch ‘Making a Murderer’ on a loop with your favourite Deliveroo meal and glass of merlot…

January 26, 2016

How To Stay Motivated When You Just Can’t Be Bothered


When you run a business it can be so easy to get caught up in a one-track state of mind. All of your energy, down time and resources can feel like they only revolve around your business – especially in the beginning when you are trying to establish yourself.

January 6, 2016

Why You Need to Cultivate Your Side Hustle When You Run a Business


We’ve all been told that exercise is a great stress-reliever and is vital to living a well balanced life – especially as a female entrepreneur. But with all the running around, long nights and unexpected schedules, it gets hard to consistently get to the gym, or your workout class. That is why we love doing online workouts.

December 8, 2015

The Best Online Fitness Programs


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